Event services

Complementing our expertise in sound is our event skill which is based in sound event management principles.  Every event is important to us and we take pride in working with our clients to create the best experience possible.

Having discussed your requirements and logistical elements, we then want to hear all your ideas and aspirations for your event.  In our follow up we produce a written outline of our understanding of your project’s requirements. Laid out clearly with the minimum of jargon it may, on small projects, only be a paragraph or two. For more complex jobs, we present options and visualisations, where appropriate, to illustrate our proposals.

Once our quotation has been accepted and agreed by you, the date(s) will be held and we will put together a team for your event. Your project manager will get in touch with you and arrange a site visit to your chosen venue.  We like site visits. They enable us to understand your exact requirements at the venue,  how the whole event is going to look and feel and also gives us an opportunity to sit down with other stakeholders to understand their views, concerns and expectations.

Leading up to the event, we produce a detailed schedule showing exactly what is happening and when. On site we work to be an extension of your team, during the event we will work seamlessly alongside you and your people, leaving you free to mingle with your guests and enjoy your event. We ensure our on-site team is fully briefed and aware of who’s who on the day, enabling them to respond to any request you may make during the event.

Finally, we believe that the event does not end when the kit is packed away.  It is an important part of our role to ensure we’ve done the best we can, typically we arrange a post event de-brief. This process ensures that we improve after each event and are able to develop our services while understanding and addressing new challenges.

Canary Wharf

Whatever the scale of your project we'd like to help. Please contact us on Tel: 020 7593 0011