About us

RNSS is made up of a small full-time team and supported by a larger group of known and trusted freelance engineers.  We pride ourselves on our ability to be part of the larger project team.

Our tailored-approach means that our clients have access to the best equipment in the business and some of the most skilled technicians at a realistic price.  We are not the cheapest because we don’t use the cheapest but time and again our clients tell us that we offer real value-for-money.

We don’t want to fill the pages here with lists of equipment but we do carry a huge range from manufacturers such as Midas, Yamaha, Meyer, D&B, DPA, Neumann Scheops, Shure, Beyer, Focusrite, Klark Teknik, Lexicon, Avalon, Summit and many more.  If you have a requirement to use a specific piece of kit, please do let us know and we are sure to be able to source it.

"Just a quick email to say many thanks again for all your help on Saturday. It is as always very much appreciated. We tour all over the UK in many different venues and festivals as you know and It is a pleasure working with the best technicians in the UK at the Southbank!"
Programming and Events Manager, Milapfest

Whatever the scale of your project we'd like to help. Please contact us on Tel: 020 7593 0011