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The year of the cardboard box is upon us!

Investments have ranged from another Yamaha PM5D RH to the replacement of our entire radio mic stock with Shure UHF-R+.  The latest Yamaha console went straight to work at Canada Square, handling FOH duties for a wide a range of artistes from the LSO to Mongolan singers.  And we were pleased to take delivery of yet another Soundcraft Vi1, this one complete with remote stagebox and digital multicore.

We have increased our stock of DPA mics with more 4060s and 4061s to increase our orchestral capacity. Although somewhat sceptical about the 4099 - it seemed too large to be accepted readily by musicians. Our in-house testing with a group of friendly string players proved us wrong and inevitably DPA lived up to their reputation.  Yet more DPAs have arrived including a dozen more 4011s and they have been hard at work ever since they were unpacked. 

Our recycling bin is still groaning with Shure cardboard thanks to 60 channels of radio mics arriving as part of the switch to Channel 38. It seems this investment opened the flood gates and we also acquired 16 ways of PSM 1000 IEM transmitters and 20 receivers. Finally, yet more hardwired IEMs have been added to the inventory and we are well on the way to meeting our radio mic and IEM system targets.

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