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Jubilee River Pageant

More than a year before the superb Jubilee boat pageant, RNSS were approached to assist with the testing of various sound elements that would be implemented on the day.

The first, and most unusual, request was to look at the behaviour of sound from a floating Belfry.  Not only did we need to establish what it sounded like from the bank as the procession made its way along the Thames but we were also asked to advise the suitable distance that it should travel from the Royal barge.  All of this was undertaken before the bells were even cast and so we had to find, record and test with bells of a similar size and nature to the proposed Jubilee bell.

Following this consultancy we were asked to handle the sound provision for five of the boats within the pageant:

Shree Muktajeevan Pipe Band & Dhol Ensemble

New Water Music

Jubilee Brass band

And the flagship boat holding the London Philharmonic Orchestra andt The Jubilant Commonwealth Chorus

The final boat was the flagship boat of the event and was heavily featured in media throughout the world as it turned in front of the Royal barge at the close of the pageant. 

The diverse nature of the artistes on board each vessel (and indeed the difference between those vessels) meant that each one was prepared for and given a different solution.  In all cases, the main object was to allow the sound to carry to the banks but not deafen the crowd and still ensure that the skipper of the boat was able to communicate with other vessels on this particularly busy day on the water.

We hope that the results speak for themselves and the reaction from the crowds on the banks in the rain certainly demonstrated that we had achieved our primary objectives as the music lifted even the dampest of spirits. 

It is testament to the team’s work that the LPO continues to insist on working with RNSS on projects of this complex nature.

"Please also pass on our thanks to the Symphony team – the Stage Management and the catering staff were fantastic as were the sound team – we were really well looked after and there was a terrific atmosphere on board." 
Royal College of Music following the Jubilee pageant

Jubilee River Pageant




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